Jonathan & Xiuhan

How did you guys get together and how long have you guys dated?
Jonathan: She was my classmate then and I always thought she was out of my league so I never made a move. But who knew 7 years down the road, we would be happily engaged 🙂

Kayla: It was love at first sight for me, okay not really. Jokes aside, he was actually the infamous eye candy from poly, my very first and last eye candy i’ve ever set eyes on (Pez was actually one of the first few that knew)! Very proud to say that I made the first move and the rest is history. We’ve been together for 7 wild years.
When do you know Kayla was the one and how did you plan the proposal?
Jonathan: When I knew that she was my best friend, and I could envision growing old with her. I planned the proposal using Pinterest (haha FYI guys out there who need inspiration), and mainly planned it during my daily commute to work.

There was no particular timeline as I managed to pull together the proposal within a month. The initial plan was to propose overseas, but due to the travel restrictions, I had to make alternative plans closest to her ideal proposal setting. I remembered that I had to hide/mute all my chats/apps prior to meeting her every weekend, it was so stressful especially when there was once she almost opened my Pinterest, where it was my bible then (phew).
Did the proposal go as planned?
Jonathan: Thankfully, yes. It was actually pouring all day, but the skies cleared up right before the proposal, giving us the perfect golden hour against two rainbows. It all happened too fast but I remembered holding back tears of joy when I put the ring on her finger. I played the proposal in my head many times, but at the moment she said yes, it all felt so surreal.
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