Tengleong & Pearlyn

What was your first impression of each other?
Teng Leong: A sweet and gentle girl with a lovely smile that brightens the day. It is difficult to miss her along the corridors.

Pearlyn: A completely hilarious extrovert who likes to disturb others (in a funny, candid sort of way) He is the kind of guy who is able to talk to anyone and everyone and draws energy from the people around him.
What is one quality that you love about Pearlyn?
Teng Leong: Definitely fun! There is never a dull moment with her around. From free-falling from a bungee jump to eating mala hotpot, she is always willing to join in. Actually it is not the activity, but rather the person who you spend doing it with that brings out the simple joys in everyday life. She makes difficult journeys bearable and simple roads exciting. It is indeed like a 豆浆 and 油条。
Share with us your wedding planning journey, did you have a theme for your pre-wedding?
It wasn’t an easy one with the pandemic in place but we took it along in our strides. For the pre-wedding, we didn’t go by a theme. We went with what reflects both our personalities the most and whether or not it will be timeless. We were very certain that if we look at these pre-wed photos that we took 20 years later, we will still don on the same smiles as we did when we first received the photos.