Hansel & Nicole

How did the surprise of the penguin mascot come about?
Nicole's favourite animal is actually the penguin. Together with the staff team at Jurong bird park, I proposed to Nicole with her favourite penguins around. So I thought it was very apt to have a penguin during our wedding! I rented one giant penguin mascot while the other groomsman would dress up as a zookeeper. I wanted to wear the penguin costume but realised I didn't have enough time. It attracted lots of attention at Botanical Gardens while everyone was doing Yoga. The funny thing was one stranger actually asked the groomsman for directions, thinking he was a park ranger.
How did you get the inspiration for your wedding theme?
Nicole: I am a hopeless romantic who adores huge floral installations & long floral garlands. However, that will cause tons of floral wastage. :') So, I've decided to create a minimalist wedding with minimal floral wastage and curating arrangements that we can repurpose back to our home! The wooden test tube rack was one way we minimise floral wastage where our guest gets to bring back a stalk of bloom as a memento piece to thank them for joining us on this special day of ours!
Congratulations on having your own floral business, how did your brand name @blombycol come about?
Nicole: Apart from being part of my name, Col also means the lowest point of a ridge connecting two mountain peaks. I drew the idea of how a seed grows from the lowest ground, then a floral bud and into a blooming flower as how I envision my business to grow—aspiring to set apart in the marketplace by creating products that serve my client's needs and offering services that bless them!